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Henry Brown
Henry Brown

The Aviator: The Oscar-Winning Biopic by Martin Scorsese

My name is Tucker Gott and I am a 19-year-old private pilot from New Jersey. Coming from a family of aviators, I have been fascinated by flight for as long as I can remember. About three years ago, I first discovered powered paragliders while watching youtube videos. I immediately knew it was something I wanted to do. In the summer of 2013, I was ready to make my dream of flying paramotors a reality. With a little online research, I discovered Eric from Aviator PPG. I gave Eric a call and immediately felt right at home. Eric helped me pick the best gear for my needs and was very flexible to work with my somewhat tight schedule. About a week later, I was able to meet Eric for the first time at the EAA Airventure airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I could tell right away that he was super passionate about aviation, just like myself.After watching Eric fly, I was even more stoked to begin training with him. About a week after Oshkosh, Eric and I met in his hometown of Lake Wales, Florida. Eric really made me feel like I was part of his family for my entire 10-day visit. Training began right away with an introduction to the equipment, general knowledge/regulations, and kiting. Eric is a natural teacher, as he is very calm, positive, and focused while instructing. After about four days, I felt confident kiting and was ready for my first flight. Eric talked me through the entire flight, from launch to landing. I felt very safe under his instruction and followed everything he had taught me. The feeling of my first flight was truly amazing. For the remainder of my time at Aviator PPG, Eric and I worked on more advanced skills and shared many awesome flights. I loved every moment spent in the air, as Lake Wales is an insanely beautiful area to fly in. From the very beginning, Eric has been a great friend and incredible instructor. I would definitely recommend Aviator PPG to anyone looking to get into this awesome sport.

Aviator Coffees and Teas' company mission is to provide the best in personal customer service. We will do whatever we can to give you 100 % satisfiaction with your order. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order please contact us immediately at


"I thought I was the last person who would wear aviator shaped sunglasses until I saw this style with pink lenses and tried them on. I was in love with them and there was no question I'd eventually buy them! They fit perfectly, are light weight and comfortable, don't slide down my nose, and the vision is perfectly clear and crisp."

As a naval aviator, Armstrong flew 78 combat missions over Korea. His final mission was March 5, 1952. He transitioned to the Navy Reserve and served eight years until resigning his commission in 1960.

JonDarr Bradshaw, a former military aviator and contractor for the U.S. space agency, has a different kind of mission now: mentoring the next generation of scientists and engineers, especially youth from underserved neighborhoods.


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