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Among Us Mod Menu PC: Everything You Need to Know

Among US occurs in a spaceship setting where players can take the role of a crewmate or an imposter. While the regular role is being a crewmate, you can get the chance to be an imposter too. The objective of the crewmates is to finish assignments and find the imposters amongst them.

Like other games, Among Us has user modifications in it, also known as mods. It is a popular thing among PC gamers where you can make unofficial modifications to make the game more interesting and exciting to play. Some of these mods include always being the impostor, teleport to any room, a radar hack, and so on.

download among us mod menu pc

You can download the PC or USB mode menu and use it without any worries as they are for free and completely secure. Installing these mods into your game can change the gameplay drastically, whether you play as a crewmate or an imposter.

Among Us has become a popular game among gamers and it seems that the always imposter mod is becoming just as popular. The crewmate and impostor mod allows players to select which player they want to be the imposter, and also allows for some other game settings.

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You will have the ability to view chats and ghosts using this hack, allowing you to immediately detect the imposters. Those playing the role of a crewmate will truly enjoy this feature, making you the hero amongst the players and earning advantages!

You also get to enjoy other features like finding imposters, radar and maphack, speed hack, infinite sabotage hack, Make Me Imposter, and ignore wallhack. These features can only be a dream for other players while you can enjoy limitlessly when you download the mod menu from our site.

To enjoy all these cool features in your next Among Us match, all you have to do is get the Mod Menu for Among Us by downloading it on your PC or any device you use to play the game. But before installing, you need to keep a few things in mind. Put the mods in a folder separate from the others so that so you can locate them easily.

You can find the links to the various versions of the mods here so that there is no confusion while downloading. Regardless of the type of device or gaming consoles you use, Mod Menuz has everything you need.

If you are here looking for some good quality cheats for among us then you have come to the right place we also post tons of different hacks for all sorts of games, So if you have any problem just message us.

By using kill cooldown you can kill every player in the game in one sec, many cheaters are using this in-game. There are many good websites that are providing free cheats for the game and we are also proving free cheats for among us here with the latest updates, you can download all among us mod apk, among us pc hacks, among us emulator hacks for free, No Strings attached!

If you want to download among us free for pc then there are many sites like steam unlocked, igg and many others that are providing the game for absolutely free, but if you want to support the among us creators then you can download the game from play store for free so among us devs can earn money.

FAQ: How does this work and how to make it work??Step 1: simply download the latest cheat on the link given in this websiteStep 2: after downloading, go to file and extract itStep 3: find / go to the AmongUs Directory File ( Its where the among us files are )Step 4: put the .DLL stuff inside the AmongUs Files ( The .DLL files are the one that you extracted )Step 5: open AmongUs ( You will probably see the hack version bellow the Game Version in game ) *If its there then its working >w

Hi, I installed sneaky evil hack in my computer for among us latest version but after extracting it from rar my antivirus says that it is infected with trojan32 virus. Please upload another link which is not affected like previous christware mod menu.

The link above will bring you to pastebin. There will be a download link in that pastebin. Copy and past the link into a new tab, download it, go to downloads in files, and then find the covid application (yes, it is marked as covid, you can rename it if you so wish). From there launch the "covid" application and then launch among us. MAKE SURE YOU OPEN COVID APPLICATION BEFORE YOU OPEN AMONG US OR IT WILL NOT INJECT THE HACK!

You'll need to download the latest version of CrewLink from GitHub. To do that, go to the "Installation Instructions" section of the mod page and click "releases." The latest version will appear at the top of the page. Then, under "Assets," click the first link (it should be a .exe file) and the download will begin.

When you go back into the main menu page, you should see a green ring around your character while you're talking. Other players in your lobby will appear below yours. If they also have the mod and are talking, you should also see the green ring around their avatars. Otherwise, they'll show up with a red ring.

Also released is the official launch trailer, featuring morein-game footage showing exactly what stunning graphics andexhilarating gameplay players can expect. The launch trailer can bestreamed at and the Iceberg Interactive Youtubechannel. Alternatively, the file (file size: 267 MB) can bedownloaded at content hosting website:

Iceberg Interactive is a premier videogame publisher set to makea splash in the interactive entertainment industry. The company isstaffed with a mix of industry veterans and upcoming young talent,has offices in key locations across Europe and has establishedrelevant partnerships all over the globe, both for digital andretail releases. Hence why Iceberg is a great alternative fordevelopers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.Iceberg focuses foremost on PC gaming and is among the marketleaders for the following niche genres for PC: simulators,adventure and MMO/action games.

Updating the game with the official MPS patches can be done with either v1.1 or v1.2. Some players will want to keep different versions 'installed' on their hard drives in order to compare game play experience or basic comparison among the available versions. This would naturally allow you to see the changes MicroProse (or others) have made to the game, thus making the changes more prominent and notable. This is strictly an optional course of action. If you want, you can read my 'MicroProse Patches Help Document' for more specifics on those versions and their changes and fixes. Read On here.

Note Infogrames CD Patch: If you have the 2001 re-release CD by Infogrames (their logo is on the CD), the official v1.2 patch is located on your CD in the \Patch folder, other players without this particular CD will have to download it. (The Infogrames v1.2 patch is identical to the MicroProse patch and includes everything that the older v1.1 has. The v1.1 patcher is not on the Infogrames CD, you will have to download it, if you want it).

No CD In Drive!!: (Optional)Even though you do a full install, the game will still require the EAWCD in its drive. See my 'Hexedited Patches Help Document' to downloadthe NoCD replacement exe. Also that document in the last section hasinstructions on how to use a NoCD patch properly. A 'Full install' andusing the NoCD patch together will provide better performance sincetheir will be no sound, music and other delay loading issues. (You willstill require a powered CD-ROM device present in your computer system,as EAW, even with a CD check that has been removed from the eaw.exe,another is still in it for detecting a device. Note that the FXEXE inthe EAWPRO modified patch has removed ALL CD and CD Device checks).

Even though the movies (including in game movies) are nice to have, they are not necessary for you to play the game. I suggest you download what is called an 'empty' 1kb MOVIES.CDF file that replaces the in game movies to get around these kind of crashes to desktop problems, it also saves 284mb of space on your hard drive. The empty .CDF file goes in the games main folder, over write the file that's in there already. If you forgotten to replace the file, try using the ESC key to move the game along to the menu screens so you can exit it normally.

If your getting menu screens with problems, such as garbled/tearing or color issues, exit the game (Its possible to use the ESC Key and Y key to exit the game). Or if the game won't run to even get you to the Menus, then read my 'Troubleshoot Help Document', section titled 'PROBLEMS RUNNING THE GAME', this all depends on which Windows OS version your using. Then come back here and read on.

Running and Flight Screen:Now that everything seems to be working from the point of the Menu Screens and your done Configuring the game properly having read ALL the Help Documents that where mentioned above, your ready to start flying and you can enter the Flight Screen by clicking in game on the Instant Mission menu selection! Or if that doesn't work, try the Single Player Mission menu and launch from there.


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